it was getting deep…

This has been a soggy summer. We have had lots of rain in the Bluegrass State over the past couple months, and yesterday may have been the hardest downpour I’ve seen in a while.

We bought our first home this year, and it has an awesome basement. I love relaxing down there. It’s cool and dark…the perfect nap situation if you ask me.

So, last night Carla and I were preparing to watch a movie in our wonderful basement. The rain was really coming down. We usually don’t sweat it because of the sump pump that keeps us nice and dry. Then, a noise came out of nowhere. It sounded like water running behind the basement walls. I moved some things to check it out…and everything was dry.

Then we went into the garage to check out the sump pump situation, because it was running constantly. To my surprise, the pump pit was overflowing with water! We came back in just in time to see water rushing in from all four corners of our basement! Did I mention that we do not have flood insurance [yet]?

We began picking things up off the floor…and panicking a little. All told there was close to 3 inches of water standing in our basement floor.

After a couple phone calls, seeking advice, at around 8:30pm, several people from our church showed up to help us out. As quickly as the water came, it left.

Now we are drying the area with a really big fan.

I kept thinking last night how grateful I was to have so many people show up to help us out…during a bad storm which was causing minor flooding throughout our town. People left the safety and comfort of their dry homes to help us get a handle on the situation.

We are so thankful to everyone who helped us out last night…because it was getting deep!

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