I’m beat…

Yesterday’s visit to the doctor went pretty well. They removed 21 staples left over from my surgery and took some xrays of my ankle and foot. The doctor wants to see me again in two weeks, and in the meantime I am still not allowed to put any weight on my foot.

What is so frustrating is how tired little things make me. Walking down the hall to the restroom absolutely wipes me out!

So, I am sure after speaking at two services tomorrow morning, I will be done. So to prepare for that, today I am doing nothing (much like most every day over the past week).

This reminds me of how important, even biblical, rest is.

How often do you get rest?


2 thoughts on “I’m beat…

  1. Rest…if I am lucky constitutes about 6 hrs of my 24 hr day. That’s about all I want…got to many things to do….nothing really important things……just things.


  2. I am resting in the DR and that is really the truth. This has been the hardest work and yet the most restful week I have experienced in a long time. “They who wait upon the Lord, He will renew their strength”

    Love you Josh and glad you are on the mend all be it the slow mend.


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