Communion in Jail

So, this past Tuesday night I celebrated Communion in jail. I guess I should also tell you that I was there by my choice and not someone else’s.

I have a friend whom I go to church with named Jimmy. Jimmy is one of my heroes. He has a huge heart and he is involved in helping drug addicts get into a rehab facility with the hopes of starting their lives over again. Jimmy also had a brother who spent over a decade in prison. While he was in prison John [that’s his name] became a Christian, and he never looked back. He dedicated his remaining years after release to serving those who were incarcerated.  And Jimmy developed a heart for this ministry too.

When Jimmy asked me to speak to the inmates during chapel and lead communion for them, I said yes, for no other reason than I love Jimmy. The time of communion was so powerful. I spent 10 minutes explaining why the bread and wine are so important…because they are symbols of the body and blood of Christ broken and poured for us…then we spent some time in quiet reflection.

After we had taken Communion, Jimmy stood up to dismiss. And he wept. This is not unusual, because Jimmy can get emotional. But it was powerful. I saw in him a man who is broken because all is not right with the world or our community. I saw a man who was willing to share his life and whatever else he may have with people that tend to be stereotyped and ignored. I saw so much in him that I hope to be someday.

So, who is your hero?


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