Happy New Year!

I bet I know what you're thinking.  You're probably thinking that I'm a few weeks too early with my New Year's greeting.  And there are twenty days left until the ball drops and we all celebrate the rolling over of the calendar into 2018. Yet, in the Christian Tradition, the New Year has already begun.  Advent, … Continue reading Happy New Year!

before we abandon ship: reclaiming the meaning behind “evangelical”

to say that the trump campaign is gaining steam would be an understatement. since "the donald" announced his candidacy for the republican nomination last summer, most of the people i've talked to have not really taken it seriously. there was just the assumption that his brash and demeaning style would fizzle. the mindset was, as … Continue reading before we abandon ship: reclaiming the meaning behind “evangelical”

good news.

The gospel is an announcement. Not an announcement of dogma or doctrine. It's better than that. The gospel is an announcement that God loves the world and, through Jesus, is putting it back together. Great, right? It gets better. This announcement is for everybody, everywhere. All of us. Because God loves us. All of us. … Continue reading good news.

Jesus behind barbed-wire…

In Luke chapter 8 the writer tells the story of a woman who had an illness that caused  her to bleed; she had been sick for twelve years. This was not simply an issue of her physical health. Her bleeding made her ceremonially unclean in the eyes of her community. Anything--or anyone--she came in contact … Continue reading Jesus behind barbed-wire…