Famous Last Words: Welcome To Paradise

For the first word, click here. Luke 23v39-43, CEB One of the criminals hanging next to Jesus insulted him: "Aren’t you the Christ? Save yourself and us!" Responding, the other criminal spoke harshly to him, "Don’t you fear God, seeing that you’ve also been sentenced to die?  We are rightly condemned, for we are receiving the … Continue reading Famous Last Words: Welcome To Paradise

The Strength of Weakness

We have an addiction to power. The "we" here is fluid; you can plug in many different words into that placeholder and it will still be a true statement.  Americans have an addiction to power. Christians have an addiction to power. Politicians have an addiction to power.  See? It works.  This addiction leads to lots … Continue reading The Strength of Weakness

Freedom of Religion*

Pew Research Center (PRC) released a study last year that covered a seven year span, from 2007 to 2014. According to the study, in that seven year period, the Christian share of the population fell from 78.4% to 70.6%. That’s a 7.8% drop in seven years. Yet, that’s still 7 in 10 Americans who identify with some branch of … Continue reading Freedom of Religion*