can’t we all just get along?

I was really surprised to read this article. If you don't have time to read it, here's the gist. A Connecticut Lutheran pastor was asked to apologize after participating in an interfaith prayer vigil for the victims and families of the Newtown shooting. According to the article, participating in events with 'other religions' is not permitted … Continue reading can’t we all just get along?

adventures in missing the point

Several years ago Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo wrote a book called Adventures in Missing the Point. It's a book that asks several important questions [quoted from the back jacket of the book]: "Do you ever look at how the Christian faith is being lived out in the new millennium and wonder if we're not doing … Continue reading adventures in missing the point

Spiritual Pornography?

In his newest book, Naked Spirituality, Brian McLaren  does a masterful job of inviting us to enter into a life with God that is void of pretense or pretending.  McLaren is one of my favorite writers, and his work has profoundly influenced the Christian, pastor, and person that I am becoming.  In the preface he joins … Continue reading Spiritual Pornography?