good news.

The gospel is an announcement. Not an announcement of dogma or doctrine. It’s better than that. The gospel is an announcement that God loves the world and, through Jesus, is putting it back together. Great, right? It gets better. This announcement is for everybody, everywhere. All of us. Because God loves us. All of us. Yet, instead of this surprising, liberating truth, too often [we] Christians sit around–much like the religious people Jesus encountered–trying to create clear, bold lines about who is right enough, who believes the right things enough. And guess what? Those people–those whom we deem correct–think, believe, and act just like we do. God forgive us. We have muddled this Gospel–this good news announcement–to the point where it really doesn’t seem very good. Maybe we need to reclaim what it means to be a Christian, a person who trusts and shares the good news that God loves the world–this broken, busted world–just as it is, and that through Jesus, he is putting it all back together. Now, that right there…that’s good news!

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