a prayer to do good…

A couple of weeks ago in my Wednesday night small group we had a discussion about prayer. Specifically, we talked about how the prayers of others throughout Christian history give us words to pray when we don’t have them. I ran across this prayer last night while doing some reading, and I thought it was a great prayer to end the day with…so I am sharing it with you because I think you may find it helpful as well. This prayer, to me at least, really captures what I so often want to say, but for some reason, the words escape me. 

“Forgive me, most gracious Lord and Father, if this day I have done or said anything to increase the pain of the world. Pardon the unkind word, the impatient gesture, the hard and selfish deed, the failure to show sympathy and kindly help where I have had the opportunity, but missed it; and enable me so to live that I may daily do something to lessen the tide of human sorrow, and add to the sum of human happiness.” F.B. Meyer [England/1847-1929]

And everybody said…

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