Buy a watch, change the world!


I recently stumbled upon a really awesome way to help others, all the while getting a nice watch for yourself. 1:Face Watch is a company that is “changing the world 1:Face at a time,” by selling affordable watches that do good for others. There a six different watches to choose from [pictured above]:

Black [cancer]- benefits the American Cancer Society and provides support for 8 cancer patients

White [hunger]- benefits One Days Wages and feeds 16 children

Red [AIDs]- benefits Keep a Child Alive and every five purchased provides 1 month of treatment

Pink [breast cancer]- benefits National Breast Cancer and every 14 purchased provides 1 mammogram

Blue [environment]-benefits The Adventure Project and every 3 watches provides 1 charcoal stove in Haiti 

Yellow [water]- benefits Charity Water and every 625 watches purchased build 1 well in Rwanda

That’s pretty amazing stuff.

And these watches are very affordable at $40/each.

1:Face Watch gives us the opportunity to make a fashion statement and provide life-giving resources to those who need it most. For more info, or to order 1,2,3, or 625 watches, click the link below.

1:Face Watch | Changing the World 1:Face at a time.

You can also like them on Facebook here.

Or find answers to your questions about 1:Face Watch here.

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