the epic, unprecedented moment that we call ‘today’…

Frederick Buechner [pronounced Beek-ner] reminds us that each day–especially this one–is important:

“In the entire history of the universe, let alone in your own history, there has never been another day just like today, and there will never be another just like it again. Today is the point to which all your yesterdays have been leading since the hour of your birth. It is the point from which all your tomorrows will proceed until the hour of your death. If you were aware of how precious today is, you could hardly live through it. Unless you are aware of how precious it is, you can hardly be said to be living at all.”

Today is loaded with potential. We will make choices today that impact not only our lives and futures, but the lives and futures of others as well. Today we have the opportunity to do good–to join God in the on-going rescue and renewal of creation–or to work against God’s efforts in the world.

We must not let today slip away because of regret over yesterdays, or fear about tomorrows.

Yesterday is gone.

Tomorrow is yet to be.

Jesus challenges us to not worry about tomorrow, because “…tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own [Matthew 6v34, TNIV].”

Take a deep breath…today.

Hug your wife/husband/kids/dog/pet turtle…today.

Be profoundly grateful for all the grace that you’ve been given…today.

Tomorrow will be here before you know it. Today will be past. Let’s get every ounce of life, joy, and opportunity that we can out of today. Today is an epic, unprecedented moment in all of human history…

So, in the words of the great preacher from Dublin [and U2 frontman], Bono,

“It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it slip away.”

grace and peace.

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