What are we talking about when we talk about God?

Rob Bell
s new book drops on March 12…and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Actually, I preordered mine last September.

The topic for this book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, is one that I have been increasingly interested in over the last several years. Lots of people talk about ‘God’ in lots of different ways. This discussion is crucial, because what we believe about God–what he is like, how he views us, how he approaches the world–will shape how we live.

Rob has released a teaser video on his website [which you can watch here], and in it he makes a powerful statement that we need to hear and consider.

Rob says,

“God is not behind us dragging us backwards into some primitive, regressive state. God has always been ahead of us, pulling us forward into greater and greater peace, integration, wholeness, and love.”

That is a profound, important truth.

We don’t have all this figured out. The last word has not been spoken. God has not been placed under a microscope and dissected. Instead, God is a mystery, out in front of us, calling us forward.

That’s beautiful and compelling. That’s worth giving our whole lives to!

grace and peace.

2 thoughts on “What are we talking about when we talk about God?

  1. I have never been a huge Rob Bell fan but this really intrigues me. It reminds me of CS Lewis’s poem, “Footnote to All Prayers” which talks about how we have such a tainted picture of who God truly is but He accepts us anyways. Thanks for sharing!


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