The real question before our death…

Today is pretty full from start to finish, which means I won’t have time for a full post. So, instead, I want to share this quote from Henri Nouwen that has been challenging me lately. Here goes:

“The real question before our death is not, How much can I still accomplish, or How much influence can I still exert? but, How can I live so that I can continue to be fruitful when I am no longer here among my family and friends? That question shifts our attention from doing to being. Our doing brings success, but our being bears fruit. The great paradox of our lives is that we are often concerned about what we do or still can do, but we are most likely to be remembered for who we were. If the Spirit guides our lives—the Spirit of love, joy, peace, gentleness, forgiveness, courage, perseverance, hope and faith—then that Spirit will not die but will continue to grow from generation to generation.”

What a powerful, important question! Are we so obsessed with ‘leaving a legacy’ through amassing more and more money/possessions/buildings etc., that we aren’t really leaving behind anything of substance and significance for our families, friends, and the next generation?

That leaves me with much to ponder during this Lenten season.

Hope your Monday is saturated in God’s grace and peace.

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