adventures in missing the point


Several years ago Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo wrote a book called Adventures in Missing the Point. It’s a book that asks several important questions [quoted from the back jacket of the book]:

“Do you ever look at how the Christian faith is being lived out in the new millennium and wonder if we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing? That we still haven’t quite ‘gotten it’? That we’ve missed the point regarding many important issues?”

Part of why I love this book is that I agree with the premise. I think we’ve missed the point on way too many issues, and desperately need to rethink them. Later in 2013 I’m planning on doing a series around this idea, and I’d really appreciate your input. What are some of the issues that we should discuss?  The series is roughly six weeks, but I would be open to expanding if need be. So, take a minute to leave a comment with your suggestions. It’s much appreciated!

grace and peace.

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