Why you should feel sorry for pastor’s kids…

People often have these stereotypes about pastor’s kids [pk’s]. They think pk’s are always into trouble and mischief, the ring leaders of any and all shenanigans among the church kids. While this, and other, stereotypes aren’t really true in every situation–after all, my kid is a perfect angel ;)– I do think you should all feel sorry for pk’s, and in this post [and subsequent others in the future, I’m sure] I’ll begin to let you know why.

This Sunday at MCC, we are looking at a passage from Deuteronomy called ‘the Shema.’ It’s a command/prayer that has been central to the Jewish community from the moment it was given until today. In addition, it was one of the first passages I memorized in Hebrew. This week, ahead of teaching part of it to our church, I taught it to my three-year-old. And he does it well.

Why should you feel sorry for a pk? Because they have to learn Hebrew way to early in life! Check out the video below, and get ready to give it a try on Sunday at 9 or 10:30am. Cohen has set the bar pretty high, don’t you think?

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