Always Batman, never the Joker

This past Sunday at MCC I had the great joy and privilege of listening to my dear friend [and brother from another mother] George Stull teach from Philippians 2v1-11. He focused on humility–the humility that Paul calls the Philippians to, which is rooted in the humility modeled by Christ. One particular point he made during the teaching has continued to really work on me.

In Luke 18, Jesus tells a story about a Pharisee and a Tax Collector. The former  holy, respected, pristine; the latter scum, hated, unethical. And in this particular story, Jesus upends our expectations; it is the Tax Collector in his humility, and not the Pharisee in his pride, who actually stands in appropriate relationship with God.

Then, George pointed out that we are often prejudiced in our own favor–we always identify ourselves with the good guy. Then it hit me–how true!

I’m always Batman, never the Joker.

I seem to identify myself as the Tax Collector, the one in the right, the good one. And in doing so, I then place others in the category of the Pharisee. Yet, at that very moment, I am revealing that I too am a Pharisee sitting in judgment over someone else.

I’m still wrestling through this in my own life, and I know that many of you are as well. If you missed George’s teaching, click here to download or listen.

grace and peace.

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