train up a child…

Proverbs 22v6 [TNIV]:
Start children off on the way they should go,
and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

We have an incredible Children’s ministry at Morgantown Community Church, and I must admit that having a child of my own has raised my appreciation level for what our staff and volunteers do week in and week out to love and teach our kids.  My son, Cohen, attends the preschool class for both of our Sunday services each week, and each week he is very excited to get to class. His teachers [Teresa, Angel, Jerrica, Barb, and  Shelia] do a great job of, not only making him feel comfortable, but also teaching him about Jesus.

Case in point: A couple of Sundays ago Carla and I were talking to Cohen about what he had learned in class, and he proudly replied, “Jesus walk on da water…and Cohen splashed!” He also told us about how “Jesus calmed the storm.”  I was totally blown away that my two year old had not only paid attention, but that he had remembered [and improvised a little] the stories he had been told.  I have a budding theologian on my hands, and the wonderful volunteers who not only teach him about, but show him, Jesus each week have a huge part in that.

He is growing up in Christ at an early age.

As a dad I’m beyond grateful.

As a pastor, I am so proud and honored to be serving alongside great people who care about our kids and their next step on the journey.

So, Mrs. Teresa, Angel, Jerrica, Barb, and Shelia, if you are reading this, thanks for your sacrifice and service. You are making a huge difference!

Are you making a difference in someone else’s journey?

If so, and you probably don’t hear this enough, THANK YOU!!!

If not, what are you waiting for? Jump in and serve!

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