I could use your help with this Sunday’s teaching!

This week at MCC we are exploring what it means to be part of the church, and I need some input from you.

In the comments section answer this question:

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Church”?

Thanks in advance!

3 thoughts on “I could use your help with this Sunday’s teaching!

  1. MCC is more than a building, the church is the people that make up MCC. No matter what challenges I am dealing with, and there have been many, each time I enter the building at MCC, seeing the faces of the MCC family I know care about each and every individual in a loving, giving way, I know that the definition of family is much more than most of us realize. Strength is drawn from being a part of the MCC family.


  2. Church is a place where you go not neccessarily for the other people, but a place where YOU personally go to connect or worship GOD. It is a moment of the connection between the two of you. People will always have opinions of you no matter who you are. Your not there for them but for GOD! Just my thoughts Josh, Todd


  3. When I step up to the doors of MCC, I know that I am going to be greeted with smiling faces and many heart-felt welcomes. My journey to the worship center leads me down a hallway crowded with familiar faces, warm hugs, and children’s laughter. I feel at home. This is family.

    And Caleb says he likes it because he can sit where ever he wants, just like with his family.


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