Holy Spirit series coming soon @ MCC…

Have you ever noticed that lots of Christians don’t know quite how to feel about the Holy Spirit?

What role does the Spirit play in the Trinity, or in our lives?

We have all seen the Spirit abused [is that the right word?] at times. And, many of us have had unexplainable, yet very real encounters with this same Spirit.

So, with all that and more in mind, we are going to be sorting through some of this during our next teaching series at MCC. Beginning April 11 and lasting until May 23, we are going to explore the mystery of the Spirit.

And…I need your help!

I hope the content of this series will be helpful and meaningful, so I want to get some input from all of you.

If you have a question  or specific issue you hope to see addressed you can submit it in the following ways:

1. Simply leave it in the comments section

2. If you would prefer to keep your question a bit more private, email me at QandA@mcconline.org

Thanks in advance for your input!

2 thoughts on “Holy Spirit series coming soon @ MCC…

  1. Do a sermon on the spiritual gifts as in 1 cor. I think people including me get those confused with natural gifts and abilities.


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