The most powerful Tweet I never sent…

I am a reluctant social net-worker.  I have a blog [you already knew that], a twitter account, and a Facebook page, but I don’t always like to use them. Sometimes its a time issue and sometimes its just me being lazy.

Anyway, that isn’t even the point…

This morning I was thinking through everything I had to do today and I started to Tweet: “busy, busy, busy day.”

Before I hit send, for some reason, I asked myself the question: “Why am I Tweeting this?”

There were lots of things I could have written in that 140 character space.

“It’s a beautiful morning!”

“Today is shaping up to be a good one!”

“Happy Day After St. Patrick’s day!”

You get the point…there were lots of options.

But my initial impulse was to Twitter about my busyness.

[I do not assume that anyone/everyone who Twitters about being busy is struggling with this same issue…just sharing my journey.]

Then I asked myself another question: “Why do you want everyone to know how busy you are?”

At this point I am assuming that I need to pay attention to what I’m asking, or more accurately what I am being asked. I am always astounded when God speaks to us in the everyday, mundane, ordinary moments of our lives.

Why do I need to tell everyone how busy I am? Do I need to feel important? Do I need to justify my pay check? Do I need for other people who are busier than I am to think that I am just as busy as they are?

Is it because I am insecure? Do I feel not good enough? Is my opinion of myself based on what others think of me?

Sometimes, yes. I admit there is a part of me that wants to feel important, busy, and needed. There is part of me that seeks validation from others, that assigns my worth based on what they think of me and what I do.

But this morning, as I was hitting the backspace key on that Tweet, I felt a momentary freedom. Freedom from the desire to impress or prove or posture. Freedom to simply be me. Nothing more, nothing less.

Today I have been reminded that my true identity, worth, and value come from God, and not the various places I seek after them.

What about you?

What is God teaching you right now?

3 thoughts on “The most powerful Tweet I never sent…

  1. Josh, first of all, you are a very good writer and an excellent speaker, just 2 of your gifts from God. I have shared those same thoughts, but being a writer as well, I know God wants us to use these tools (FB,Twitter,etc)and our gifts for His glory. I encourage you and exhort you to keep pressing on, as each day of our journey ties us to and brings us closer to our Lord Jesus. May our days always have Jesus first, which will bless others and suffer our flesh (the old man) to be last. God bless you, brother, in your God-given ministry.


  2. So very true. I think we all want to be needed in some way…I admire your thoughts on this.

    “Freedom from the desire to impress or prove or posture. Freedom to simply be me.” Very well said. I’ll keep this in mind.

    God has made each of us so unique, yet we still wish to compare ourselves to others in hopes to make ourselves feel better, or… feel worse, thinking we’re not good enough. Just being ourselves, the way God intended, is a sort of freedom.

    Thanks for sharing.


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