Last Sunday at MCC we began a new 5 week series, which I have been excited about for the last 6 months or so! This series, “re:Focus”, is about who we are and how we live out our vision. Every relationship, team, or organization needs to take some time to step back, reflect, and refocus to ensure that it is moving in the right direction and accomplishing its purpose. MCC is no different. We must, from time to time, be reminded of our identity and goals.

In order to help move us toward Jesus’ call for us to be “disciples who make disciples,” our leaders have crafted a new mission statement. This statement is VERY simple, yet I foresee us pursing this vision for years and years [probably until Christ makes everything new!] to come.

So, without further delay…here is who we are, where we are going, and who we hope to become:

Morgantown Community Church exists to empower people to take the next step on their journey with Christ.

Simple, right? But loaded with meaning.

There are two words that really shape this vision:

empower- we hope to give people the tools to become mature in their faith, and take responsibility for where they are in their journey.

journey- we all aren’t at the same place on the journey. And that’s ok. Wherever we are on the journey is ok. It’s just not ok to stay there forever. Journey implies movement. We must be moving, taking that next step toward Christ.

Over the next four weeks at MCC, we are going to learn a new value that will give shape to our pursuit of this vision. This Sunday we are going to talk about something that is absolutely essential, but also often misunderstood: Transformation.

For more on “re:Focus” check out John’s [Student Pastor] blog

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