Is there hope by the rivers of Babylon?

Last Sunday at MCC we left the story in exile.

Dreams crushed. Hope lost. The future uncertain.

The Psalmist even asks, “How can we sing the songs of the LORD while in a foreign land?” [Psalm 137v4]

But, if we remember the story, the Exodus, the God who hears the cry, then we should not be surprised to discover that there is hope.

Even by the rivers of Babylon.

This Sunday we will explore how it is even possible for hope to exist in, what may appear to be, a hopeless situation.

2 thoughts on “Is there hope by the rivers of Babylon?

  1. Thanks so much Harold! I am really enjoying this series too. It has been stretching me, and I am learning a lot during my study/prep time. We are past the half way point. Only six more weeks left!

    About last weeks talk…there was an error with the recording during both services…so no recording is available. But, because I like you so much, I would be willing to do the teaching again for you. All 45 minutes of it…


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