Do you hear the cry?


Last night at MCC we hosted Shaun Groves in concert. It was great to have him here and he sang some really great music. It was also great to have the opportunity to hear more about Compassion International, which is an organization that is helping free children around the world from poverty.

After the concert last night people from MCC sponsored 24 children! 24 children who have now been given hope…not just in a spiritual way, but also in a tangible, physical way!

As Shaun shared his stories with us last night, I was again reminded of the Exodus story [which we talked about yesterday morning.] God always hears the cry of the oppressed…and he always responds…and he always invites people to join him in his work!

I am so proud of you MCC! Thanks for joining the God who hears the cry!

If you would like more information about Compassion, or you would like to sponsor a child…click here.

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