it’s funny how a pig can bring people together…

This past weekend was very busy…but it was a blast!

Last night about 150 people from MCC gathered at Duane and Teri Curry’s for a Luau…complete with a pig that was cooked in the ground!

I had never eaten pork that was prepared this way…and I had never seen anyone prepare the pig to go into the ground…but I experienced both of them this weekend.


[THIS WAS NOT OUR PIG…just in case you started feeling guilty.]

Spending such a great time with so many from our church last night reminded me of this verse from Acts 2 that describes one of the characteristics of the first Christian community:

“They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts…” [TNIV]

So often we think of “church” as a service or building or an amorphous blob, but in reality the church, at its best, is comprised of ordinary people living the way of Jesus together, in community.

My dream for MCC is that we would continue to grow together as we serve, give, and share our lives in community.

There are lots of ways to experience community. One of the ways I have found to be most fulfilling is through a small group. We will be having small group sign-ups soon, and I would love for the overwhelming majority of our community to get plugged in to a group!

How are you experiencing community in your life right now?

*There were lots of people who worked very hard to make last night’s Luau a blast…thanks to all of you!

3 thoughts on “it’s funny how a pig can bring people together…

  1. The “Possibly related posts:” can be fun and scary. It is pretty cool when your post is “possibly related” to a story about Ted Nugent.


  2. Kevin- How are you? It has been a while. I bet those kids are really growing! You are so right…I just noticed those “possibly related posts”. I will now, henceforth, strive for all of my posts to be “possibly related to Ted Nugent”!


  3. We are all well. You are right that the kids are really growing.

    I am looking forward to the future posts that are “possibly related” to Ted Nugent.


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