the true test…

St. Francis de Sales was the Bishop of Geneva in the 17th century. I recently ran across this quote from him:

“The test of a preacher is that his congregation goes away saying, not, “What a lovely sermon!” but, “I will do something!””

Wow! For me, as a preacher, that is very challenging…but also very true.  I often wonder how much of what I teach/preach actually challenges people to do something with it?

So, I would love to hear/learn from all you great preachers out there. How do you inspire people to “do something”?

3 thoughts on “the true test…

  1. I was at church a few weeks ago and the sermon lent itself to immediate action, but we didn’t have any practical ways for people to immediately act on what they had just heard. I wonder if we need more opportunities for people to respond immediately through action in our churches?


  2. Your message Sunday was a perfect example of challengeing me to action. I never realize that ignoring was a form of revenge, but your message sunday was such a teaching sermon to me. You challenged me to take the proper action to help heal toward a hurt that happen 2 yrs ago.I had chosen to ignore the person who caused the hurt, but after the nail being hammered, started me toward the proper direction of healing and no more “revenge” game. As you stated, there is no winner in the revenge game.Thanks for the MANY challenges you have given me. Renee Hampton


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