The Whole Story @ MCC…

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In a couple of  weeks, Sunday August 1 to be exact, we are beginning a new series at MCC. I have really been looking forward to “The Whole Story” series for quite a while, and I hope that our community gets as excited about it as I have.

During “The Whole Story” we will explore the BIG story that the scripture is telling. Everything Jesus says and does in the Gospels is connected to this BIG story. The New Testament writers like Paul and Peter are also connected to and interacting with this BIG story.

So, for the next couple months [yep, that is not a typo!] we are going to explore the Whole Story…from creation to new creation. My prayer is that we will gain a new appreciation for the story we are part of as followers of Jesus.

Here are a couple of ways that you can interact with this series:

1. To help us experience the Whole Story, we will pass out book marks with daily scripture readings…we won’t cover everything in the Bible, but we will look at various passages that help us see the story more clearly.

2. Each week we will interact as a community on-line through a blog. This will give us an opportunity each day to ask questions and share insight from the scriptures.

I hope you will join us for “The Whole Story” beginning August 1!

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