The Unquenchable Thirst…

In his book, How (Not) To Speak Of God, Peter Rollins says:

“…our religious desire is never satisfied in God but rather deepened there. We cannot grasp God, not because God is absent, but because God is always given in excess of our ability to grasp.”

It may take reading that statement a couple of times to really feel the full weight of what he is saying, at least it did for me.

We often think of church or Christianity as a way of satisfying and quenching our hunger and thirst for God. But actually, the more time we spend with God, the more our desire for his presence in our lives should…grow, not be diminished. Rollins uses the example of someone we love to convey this idea. When you spend time with someone you love, it does not decrease your love for them…it makes it stronger.

I love that he says, “We cannot grasp God…” No matter how much we think we understand him or have reduced him to a set of dogmas or doctrines, he is still beyond our figuring out. Not because he is absent from us, but because he engulfs us. As Rollins says, “…God is always given in excess of our ability to grasp.”

How many of us have wondered where God was during a difficult or confusing time? How many times have I felt like God was somehow absent from my situation?

Maybe he wasn’t after all. Maybe he was there is such a powerful way, that I couldn’t fully grasp it.

I found these words challenging. What do you think?

One thought on “The Unquenchable Thirst…

  1. Those words are so true. We have a tendency to “become comfortable” in God. Being with God is not a place of comfort, for the most part. It is a place of faith and challenge. It is a place of power beyond our understanding.

    The moment we think we know exactly how God works we no longer have to listen to Him because he think we can predict Him. God wants us to rely on Him and trust Him completely everyday. We cannot understand His ways. We never will. He is God, creator of all who offers forgiveness to all. How could we ever understand that.


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