Well…I’m back…from outer space.

Yes, the title of this post was taken from the song “I will survive.”

This is my first blog post in over 40 days [I gave it up for Lent]. A lot has happened in 40 days. So, instead of regurgitating it all in this one post, I will share a bit of what has been going on over the next several days.

But today…I want to talk about Resurrection Sunday.

We had an awesome weekend at MCC! We began our Easter weekend with a Good Friday service. We spent time singing, reflecting on the cross, and we observed communion.

Then came Sunday. Wow. Our worship team and band did a great job leading us. And I can’t say enough about my friend Steve Taylor.

Steve is an elder here at MCC…and he has a powerful story, which he shared yesterday. [I hope to update this post later today or tomorrow with a link to Steve’s story from yesterday.]

I am so thankful that we can say with confidence to one another…he is risen indeed!

How did you spend Resurrection Sunday?

3 thoughts on “Well…I’m back…from outer space.

  1. Glad you’re back, we missed you. Easter was a wonderful day spent with my brother and his family. We miss you all very much!!!!


  2. Sunday was great. Steve did a tremendous job and really opened hearts! It really is amazing to view what our Lord can accomplish with Steve’s story. From rock bottom to where he is now, it is quite amazing what a little FAITH can accomplish.

    -It is always better to light a candle, than curse the darkness-


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