The Ice Storm of 2009

Schools are canceled, cell phones are down, and town is quiet. That must mean that the predicted ice storm has hit Motown.

So, how are you spending this icy day?

Be careful out there!

…which is not a threat [even if the American Idol judges seem to think so :)]

4 thoughts on “The Ice Storm of 2009

  1. I was at work at 5:30 a.m. because we were the only business in Butler County that had kerosene. No power means no heat for alot of people. Also it makes for a great day in the grocery business.


  2. 01/28/09 Most of the day I’ve been without electricity & cell phone service, so I’ve tried to do some useful re-organizing by cleaning out kitchen & utility cabinets & only putting back when I really absolutely need. I promised GOD at the first of 2009 that, with his help, I would do my best to de-clutter & re-organize all areas of my home & life before 2010 arrives. Hope you all stay warm… Take Care All !


  3. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at home…got stuck by a tree the first day and the weather was too bad yesterday. But I am back to work today. It finally cleared enough for me to get out! But while I was home I read a lot and watched CSI:NY and NCIS…when the power would stay on!


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