What are you reading?

I never liked to read until I graduated college. Since then, I seem to always be working through two or three books at a time. I only wish I would have been so inspired to read in school…my GPA would have undoubtedly been higher!

So, I thought today I would share some of the books that I have been reading and found helpful…and maybe you could take a couple minutes in the “Comments” section and do the same!

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Jesus Wants to Save Christians, by Rob Bell and Don Golden

Finding Our Way Again, by Brian McLaren

The Emotionally Healthy Church, by Peter Scazzero

The Blue Parakeet, by Scot McKnight

Stumbling Toward Faith, Renee Altson

and…I usually don’t read a lot of fiction, but

The Shack, by William Paul Young…is a MUST read! It is a beautifully written story and it is full of hope!

So, what are you reading?

5 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. Right now I am reading Love as a Way of LIfe by Gary Chapman for small groups… and it is great and very helpful. I love to read…so I am also reading Confessor by Terry Goodkind (it’s a sci-fi book)…and I am reading Andrew Carnegie: Robber Baron as American Hero by James T. Baker for my American Biographies class. I have also read The Shack. I absolutely LOVED that book…the image of God and the relationship had you yearning to have the same! Most of reading revolves around fiction though. I typically try to read one book a week…it’s been a little slower here lately because I have three going at a time.


  2. The Choice by Nicolas Sparks, Churched by Matthew Paul Turner, and Love as a way of life by Gary Chapman( Jennifer and I are in the same small group) All of these are great and I am fixing to start Marley and Me.


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