What does God want from me?

Yesterday at MCC we kicked off our brand new teaching series, “Life Revolution,” by talking about what God wants from us. We all want to change something about our lives for the better…but how does that kind of revolutionary change happen?

We read the parting words of the book of Ecclesiastes for insight:

13 Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the [duty] of every human being. [12v13 TNIV]

God wants us to keep his commands because they lead us to the best possible life. But, there is a HUGE problem. We can’t obey God’s commands.

There is something inside of us that pulls us away from God’s best for us.

No one has to teach us to lie, lust, steal, disobey…all this comes natural to us.

So, if we can’t do what God says, how can we ever experience the life God created us for???

Enter Jesus. Christ comes into the world and lives the life God calls us to live. Now by trusting his life, death, and resurrection, we can experience the Life Revolution that we’ve always needed!

If you want to hear the teaching from yesterday, click here.

If you want to read the passage from Romans 7 and 8 that we read from “the Message” translation, click here.

This coming Sunday, we will contine the “Life Revolution” series with question, “Can God actually change me?”

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