LifeREVOLUTION begins this week @ MCC


Have you ever wished for your life to be different? Have you ever tried to alter your behavior to change who you are? Have you ever been frustrated because you discovered that, even when you try your best, you just can’t behave all the time?

If you are tired of cosmetic changes that don’t really bring lasting change, then I hope you will join us at MCC [or on-line] over the next several weeks as we begin a LifeREVOLUTION!

*LifeREVOLUTION begins Sunday January 18 at 9 and 10:30am.

3 thoughts on “LifeREVOLUTION begins this week @ MCC

  1. I see the next series already… “Storms of life,” or perhaps “A tornadic relationship with Christ” – Tackling the everyday situations God pours on us. Hey, sounded good to me, HA! 😉


  2. This is going to be great Josh! Our creative team is doing some amazing things with the media in this series… And I love the idea of getting rid of band-aid fixes, and going all out… Can’t wait for the next few Sundays!


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