An Appetizer…

When you think about the Church, what comes to mind? A place? A tradition or style? Maybe just a word? Boring, stuffy, hypocritical?

Maybe for some.

For some of us, when we think about Church, we think about community, joy, peace, love, acceptance, forgiveness, the good, making a difference in the world.

Lesslie Newbigin, a Christian theologian and bishop, said this about the Church:

“The Church lives in the midst of history as a sign, instrument, and foretaste of the reign of God.”

He is not speaking about a denomination or a specific church, but the global Church. People all over the world who trust and follow the risen Christ.

And we, the Church, are a “sign, instrument, and foretaste” of what it will be like when God’s kingdom comes, on earth as it is in heaven.

If you are a Christian, then you are part of something HUGE!

How could/should our faith communities serve as this appetizer of what will be?

It's your turn...join the discussion!

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