What would you do?

Have you ever wished you could freeze time? Maybe rewind or at least hit the pause button? I’m sure we all have. Time is constantly slipping through our fingers.

Which makes me wonder…how am I spending my time? Am I making the most of it? Am I living life to the fullest? Are you?

Here’s an all-skate question for the day: What would you do if you had a free day with no commitments and nothing to hold you back?

I don’t know what my answer would be tomorrow, but today I would go to New York City. I went once in high school and I loved it.

Tag, your it!

3 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. What I could afford to do…
    I would spend the day with my wife and go eat at a few of our favorite places…

    If I could do anything…
    I would take Hill to Hawaii… We’ve always said we’d go, but now that we have a baby on the way, I think it may be a while!



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