How emotionally healthy are you?

Yesterday, I picked up the book The Emotionally Healthy  Church by Peter Scazzero. My friend Pete recommended it to me earlier this month, so when I saw it at the bookstore, I went for it.

I think Scazzero must have written this book just for me and just for our church. In January our staff at MCC will begin a journey through this book that I think will be helpful, not only for us, but for our entire church family as well.

Here is one thought that I latched on to during the first section of the book:

“As go the leaders, so goes the church.”

You could plug any leadership role in that statement and it would be just as powerful.

As go the parents, so goes the family.

As go the bosses, so goes the company.

As go the coaches, so goes the team.

Have you ever thought of your role in these terms? Have you ever imagined that you could have influence like this over other? Because we all do. We are all leading someone.

I look forward to the lessons in the remaing chapters of this book…you should definitely check it out!

For more info about this book and the author, click here.

Pursuing emotional health,


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