Is it Monday already?

Is it just me, or does the weekend seem to fly by? So much happens in such a short amount of time! Here are a few things that happened this past weekend:

  • Friday was a good day. After a day of errands, Carla and I braved the temperature to go to the Butler Co. football game. We were up 41-0 at half time and went on to win 48-16. Our team is having a great season so far!
  • Saturday we went to the foster parent classes in the morning, but we had to leave early because I was performing a wedding that evening.
  • The wedding was outdoors, in one of our church member’s backyard. It was beautiful…and chilly!
  • Have I mentioned that I LOVE this weather? Well, I LOVE this weather!
  • Sunday we started a new series called “Seriously?” We began by looking at the story Jesus tells of a wise builder and a foolish builder. The wise builder represents someone who not only hears Jesus, but is changed by Jesus. The wise builder will live differently, because he/she will orient their entire lives around doing what Jesus says. The foolish builder hears Jesus, but chooses not to be transformed. When the storm comes [and it WILL come!] the house that stands is the house that was constructed by listening to Jesus and doing what he says.
  • Did a little relaxing, then work around the house after church.
  • Last night I played volleyball with some people…it was fun. I am so glad I am healed enough from my ankle injury that I can start to play again.
  • I was not ready to get up this morning…I love the cool weather, but it makes it hard to get out of bed!

Hope you had a great weekend, and that you survive Monday.


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