Seriously, I need your help!

This Sunday, October 19, we are beginning a brand new series at MCC, and I am so excited! This is one of those series that I have been wrestling with for several months, and I look forward to sharing it and inviting others to wrestle with it too. The series is called “Seriously?”, and the big idea that we will be talking about is simple: What would it look like if we took Jesus seriously? How would our lives be different? How would our relationships look different? Is it possible that Jesus is not offering helpful suggestions, but that he actually expects us to do what he says?

We [and by we I mean our creative genius, Chad Flener] usually create all of our series graphics here at MCC, but due to technical difficulty [an overloaded computer] we had to get some help on this one. My good friend Ben Stewart has created several options for us to choose from for this series. There are two that I really like, so I thought I would ask you all for help. If you happen to be reading this, take a look at the two options below and tell me which one you like best. Come on…everybody jump in on this one!

Option one:

Option two:

So, which one strikes your fancy?

Thanks for your input,


17 thoughts on “Seriously, I need your help!

  1. This is hard; they’re both so different. I totally agree with Brandi in that # 1 is appealing and it is the one I was initially drawn to first, but there is something about # 2 that made me take a closer look. I also like the Halloween color scheme in # 1 for October 🙂 I know I’m not much help; I’m flip flopping. OK….i’m going with # 2 just because it’s so out of the ordinary.
    Good Luck with this one!!


  2. I also am flip flopping, one minute I like #1 and the next I like #2.. But I think #1 stands out more, I like the black and then the orange letters.. Ok, #1 is my final answer.


  3. Both are great, but I like #1 best. The orange letters in SERIOUSLY seem to jump out at you, while the faded gray letters ask “What if”. I think many of us may have a few gray areas in our lives with “What ifs” that we can relate to.


  4. Josh – great blog site…I vote for that one. Sorry, I should be more specific – I like that one better than the other one, ’cause it’s not quite like the other one, yet more unique than that one. And I’m not changing my mind either – definitely the other one – I mean that one. OK fine, seriously, #2…it’s got pizazzle, shanazzle with a lil’ manizzle thrown in there…


  5. #1 is what I choose, because it states a message that is clear, without any other imagery. Nobody knows what Christ looks like, and it’s about the Word, not the image. It’s time to get serious about the message. Choose #1. Happy New Year!


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