Have you ever…?

My friend Pete over at Without Wax shared a pic from a recent celebrity encounter with Al Sharpton. Reading his post got me thinking….how many famous people have I met? So, here are the encounters I can remember:

Lou Diamond Phillips

Brad Paisley’s Dad

Darrell Waltrip

Lee Greenwood

Billy Ray Cyrus

Randy Cook

I feel like I am forgetting someone, but maybe it will comeback to me later.

Have you met any celebrities?

Go ahead and name drop!


5 thoughts on “Have you ever…?

  1. I met Dave Coulier aka “Joey” on Full House. Some of us girls went to see him at a comedy club in Nashville a couple of years ago. After his show he came out and talked to us. We got our picture made with him and he signed some stuff for us. A Full House star was big for me; I lived for that show every friday night when I was young…TGIF!!!
    I hung out with the Kentucky Headhunters one year at the Catfish Festival. They were playing there and all the city pool employees got passes to go backstage with them. It was pretty cool!
    When I was in middle school, I went to basketball camp at WKU and Travis Ford (UK point guard) was there. I actually got to play a game of HORSE with him…I was in awe:) Of course, I thought he was cute too. That’s about as famous as I’ve seen.


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