The weekend in review…

Last weekend flew by before I had time to know it was even here! Here are a few highlights:

  • Friday night we watched Butler Co. win another game…the Bears are off to a great start at 4-0. Their first real challenge comes this week @Russellville.
  • Saturday we went on a parade of homes in the BG. You would not believe some of these houses!
  • Sunday was a great day at MCC. We talked about the effect that the love of money [materialism] can have on us. The challenge for us is to gain our identity from Christ, and not from comparing ourselves to others and trying to out do them.
  • Yesterday afternoon we went to a reception for a couple in our church that is celebrating 60 years of marriage. That is so cool!
  • The rest of the evening was spent in relax mode, trying to get ready for a busy week.

So, how did you spend the weekend? Do you have any good stories you would like to share?

Hope you have a great Monday.


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