Seriously, I need your input!

Dallas Willard talks about how familiarity breeds unfamiliarity. The big idea is that we get so used to something that it loses its impact on us.  I think that can happen in any arena of life, but especially when it comes to the Scriptures. We can “know” the plot, but its impact in everyday life can be lost on us.

Beginning October 19 at MCC,  we will try to reacquaint ourselves with Jesus in a series called, “Seriously?” If you were to read the Gospels, with no prior knowledge or background, what would your impression be? Jesus’ teachings were/are revolutionary. So, we want to dig into some of Jesus’ most difficult teachings and discover what they have to say to us today.

Here’s how you can help [come on, you know you want too!]: Take a moment, in the comments section, to share something that Jesus said in the Gospels that leaves you going, “is he serious about that?” I would love your input in shaping the direction of this series!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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