The Sunday review…

There are days when everything goes as planned, when nothing is out of the ordinary. We often become bored with days like this, but I would have definitely taken an “ordinary day” yesterday.

While I was speaking during the 9am service I could hear our building creaking as the wind blew. A little distracting, but no big deal.

I had only gotten a few words out during the 10:30am service when the power went out. Pitch black. In a room with no windows. But, I charged on. So in the darkness I told everyone that my topic for the day was “Where do God and sexuality meet?” I expected it to be awkward. I did not expect all the distractions. I really believed, at one point, that the wind would rip the roof off our worship center. The lights came back on [thanks to our wonderful tech team. They were incredibly quick on the draw!], and blinked a few times during the remainder of the service. The projection screen behind me was swaying for some reason. People looked nervous, and I’m sure I did too!

I honestly think that part of what was happening yesterday was spiritual. I think that the enemy wanted to distract us, to keep us from focusing. All things considered, I think we had a good day yesterday, and I am looking forward to next Sunday!

I want to challenge those of you who are part of the MCC family to bring someone with you next Sunday.

How was your weekend?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


2 thoughts on “The Sunday review…

  1. Boy am I sorry I missed yesterday. I wasn’t feeling good and decide it would be best to stay home and rest so I could get to feeling better…but that would have been a sight to see and hear! It sounds like God kept everyone focused no matter what the situation was!


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