Sky high…

I had to wait in line this afternoon to fill my car up with gas. Right now you may be thinking that I must have gotten a bargain. Nope. Unleaded was $3.89 per gallon, and from what I hear, we may be calling that a bargain after this weekend.

When gas goes up, we all feel it in our pockets, and most of us have to adjust our schedules, habits, and make our trips count.

How do you adjust your life to compensate for over-priced gas?

Have a great weekend, and pray for those in the path of hurricane Ike.


One thought on “Sky high…

  1. I have to adjust in whatever way I can. I drive to BG everyday…which is hard on the gas. This afternoon after work I am meeting my mom at Kohls to do a little shopping (probably won’t buy anything). We had planned to go tomorrow but with gas going up we decided it was best to stay at home and not waste gas. Just little things like not making extra trips around is what I have to do to adjust.


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