My desk chair has seen better days. It does not sit upright anymore. There is a huge rip in the seat due to a spring that is trying to escape. And, a large piece of metal fell from the bottom of it yesterday. Not cool. Not comfortable.

So, about a month ago I bought a new chair. I was so excited to get it, but I never put it together. It just sat in my office, not fulfilling its destiny.

Yesterday, my friend Chad decided to help me out and put it together…and today I am sitting in comfort. I only wish I would not have waited so long!

Have you ever procrastinated?

Sitting in comfort,


5 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. I have prcrastinated…and normally it’s with putting the laundry away. I usually leave it laying at the end of the bed. It either gets worn or put in the dirty laundry again. I do not like putting clothes up…so I hold off until I have too big a pile that I can’t see the tv anymore. I know…I am a horrible housekeeper! But hey, Dennis knows what he is getting in a few months and it’s cool!


  2. Randy, did Josh tell you his dog Benji got fixed. Word is it happened while setting in Josh’s chair. 🙂

    Josh is having a chair without a protruding spring considered excess? I mean there are people all over the world who would be thrilled to have an office to just stand in. They would consider setting on a chair such as your just over the top, I would assume.

    Love ya man…………………………………………………


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