A little afternoon concert…

Here is a little snippet of a spontaneous afternoon jam session that involves me, John Lovell, and the “Great” Cody Donaldson singing Garth Brooks “What She’s Doing Now.” Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “A little afternoon concert…

  1. I was checking your blog today while on the phone with Katrina. WIthout knowing what I was watching, she heard the “singing” and asked: “is somebody dying?”

    Don’t quit your day jobs!


  2. Were you all practicing so you could sing at 612 this Sunday.. I think it may scare the students… Seriously, very funny thank you for sharing that side of your personalities..


  3. Does anyone in your “band” understand what www stands for. It’s the stinkin WORLD WIDE WEB. As in everyone with a computer in the whole wide world can see or read whatever the heck you put on this blog.

    I’m just glad no one appeared to be injured.


  4. Priceless, that was not the first word that I thought of while I was protecting my ears. I’m glad that you all have real jobs that helps provide your income for your family. It does look like you all had a great afternoon, and thanks for the laugh.


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