The Big Idea…

Last night at MCC we had our once-a-month Wednesday night gathering called “New Community.” We spent some time talking about where we are as a church financially. Because we believe it is essential to ground everything we say and do in the Scriptures and the spirit of the text, we began by looking at a passage from 2 Kings 4…which you can read here.

The BIG IDEA we took away from that story was “When our obedience meets God’s faithfulness, BIG things happen.” It may not happen on our time table or fit into our preconceived expectations, but you can guarantee that God is always faithful!

So, how have you seen this truth play out in your life? When have you simply been obedient to God and he did more through your obedience than you could imagine?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


One thought on “The Big Idea…

  1. Numerous times in my life I have had to make difficult decisions about God leading me in one direction while the carnal mind leads another direction. Decisions about jobs…..finances….place of worship and many more. At those time I had to follow in blind faith and God is always faithful in his leading. Each time I am at a crossroad…I meditate on God’s word and pray. God’s direction and timing is always perfect.



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