Stop…and listen…

Yesterday I shared a question [originally posed by Craig Groeschel at the Leadership Summit] that our leadership team discussed at our meeting this past week. The question was, what is God teaching you through your greatest limitation?

So, I though today that I would share another question [also from Groeschel] that we discussed:

What are we doing that we should stop doing?

In his book, The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus, author Brennan Manning says:

“…most of our lives we are, as Soren Kierkegaard notes, “so busy” with other things that we don’t have time to wait patiently to hear the voice of the God of Jesus within us.”

Are there things, good things, noble things that we are doing that are keeping us from the greatest thing, intimacy with our Father? As I examine my life are there areas that need be reduced or even eliminated altogether?

For me, I so often listen to the voices of people and allow them to be the loudest voices in my life. I need, at times, to mute the noise around me so that I can hear from the God who created me.

So, what are you doing that you should stop doing?

Looking forward to hearing from you…and have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Stop…and listen…

  1. That is still a hard question.

    The bible teaches us that planning and preparation are good things but I tend to be, especially the older I get, a planner and an obsessor. I want all my ducks in a row, know how many ducks I have, which ones are expecting ducklings and so on.

    Life in Christ is not necessarily about well-heeled obedient ducks or having our life’s plan worked out. It is about loving Him, following Him, listening to Him, and focusing on Him. Life in Christ is about Christ, not ME!

    So to answer the question, I should continue to plan less and trust more. I have already been, very unwillingly at first, taken on this path and it certainly has it’s rewards. It is also scary if you lose your focus on Christ.

    The promises in His Word are true. We can all trust them. He will provide for us what we NEED. That also applies to our MCC family. He will provide for us what we NEED. We just have to focus on Him.

    Wow, I think I got started on a sermon here. Sorry about that but it is where I’m at.


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