I’m taking this show on the road…

Our parking lot at MCC is being sealed today, so the parking lot is closed. I am taking advantage of this beautiful day by not sitting around in my window-less office. Instead I am going to take my office on the road! Who knows where I will end up…

How are you spending the day?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


One thought on “I’m taking this show on the road…

  1. I am spending my day inside Potter Hall at WKU, working…and it’s cold in here! I did manage to sit outside at lunch and read for a while. It is beautiful outside. Now I am inside watching people flock to the billings office to pay for their fall tuition (and some aren’t in the best of moods either). After work I hope to sit outside some more reading and waiting for my Citizen’s Police Academy Alumini Reunion at the BGPD station downtown! Hope you are enjoying your window-less office!


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