Sunday recap…

Yesterday at MCC, Duane Curry, our Discipleship Pastor, spoke about small groups. Duane shared a BIG vision for our small groups here at MCC: that everyone in our church would be connected in a small group.

Some of the thoughts Duane shared that really stood out to me:

Sunday morning is not enough. We don’t eat only once a week, and if we did we wouldn’t expect to be healthy. The same is true for our spiritual lives. We need to feast as often as possible on spiritual disciplines that bring health to our lives.

Doing life together is so much more enjoyable than doing life apart from others. When we live in community with others we have people praying for us [and us for them], and we have people to share the good and bad times with.

Small group sign-ups begin NEXT SUNDAY! I hope that you will find the right group [wherever you go to church] for you, and plug in!

Feel free to share how being in a small group has made an impact on your life [again, I would love to hear from everyone].

Looking forward to hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “Sunday recap…

  1. Personally for me small groups is the only way for me to get to know my church family on a diffrent level. Sure, it is nice to go to church on Sunday and see them but that doesn’t give you the time to invest in their lives or for them to invest in my life. Also because of the Bible Study I grow closer to God. My husband and I have met some wonderful people because of small groups. We also have lasting friendships because of small groups. The great food is also a plus.


  2. I’m really looking forward to our student small groups as well. We’ll be kincking those off around the first of September…. Belinda is right. The food is great…. And the friendships are ok too I guess…. 😉 We all grow closer to each other through these groups… and in a church our size, its vital that individuals BELONG somewhere… not just fill empty seats… and, again, the food is good!



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