New Series @ MCC…

This Sunday [August 17] we are beginning a new teaching series @ MCC…which has been named after this blog: Intersections: Where God and real life meet. The goal of this series is to help us see God’s presence and influence in the everyday, ordinary aspects of life.

August 17- Intersections: Where two roads meet

August 24- Where do God and suffering meet?

August 31- Where do God and politics meet?

September 07- Where do God and religion meet?

September 14- Where do God and sexuality meet

September 21- Where do God and money meet?

September 28- Where do God and family meet? [Guest Speaker: Rick Roepke]

October 05- Where do God and work meet?

So, which one of these “intersections” interests you most, and why?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


4 thoughts on “New Series @ MCC…

  1. This is going to be a great series… these topics are not things that we always talk about in church… But they are some of the most important aspects of our everyday lives…. Really looking for ward to these!!


  2. I’m really looking forward to every week in this series but the ones that interest me the most are probably the topics of work and family.

    I really like the cards you all made to hand out. I’ve already given out one. I also like the cards because I can see what topic is going to be discussed on what date.. Awesome…


  3. Josh,
    I am really looking forward to these next lessons. All of them sound very interesting to me. It will be interesting finding how God meets the different things in our lives. These should be great!


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