It’s a sad day…

Today is a sad day for me because today is the final day that our Student Pastor, John Lovell, and our Everything Cool and Creative Guru, Chad Flener will be in the office for a while. They are both educators here in the county, and school starts back next week.

John is a great source of advice, and he has a huge heart for the students at MCC. And Chad, well Chad makes a lot most 99.9% of the creative things that we do possible. He takes dreams and turns them into a reality.

Guys, thanks for all of the lunches and great times. I’m looking forward to next summer!


2 thoughts on “It’s a sad day…

  1. Well, you certainly got pictures of them at their best!!! Seriously… the way they use their gifts is truly a blessing to our church family! Keep up the good work, guys!!! The youth of Butler County are blessed to have them as teachers!!


  2. I love our church and our people more and more everyday… This church is an amazing place, and our people continue to amaze me (take that in EVERY way…) Our students deserve everything that we have…. I like to say that our kids are the best… and while I believe that, I also know that they are still kids…. they hurt and they search and they desire peace in their lives… I am praying that this year, as adult leaders, we demonstrate that peace in our own lives… and only after that will we minister from the depth of what drives us in our own hearts…. The same God who has, and continues to transform our lives desires nothing less from our teenagers… I love them… I love our leaders… I love our church…. but God loves them even more…


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