Face to Face

Exodus 33.11 says, “11 The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.” [TNIV]

When I read that verse I must admit that I am a bit jealous.  Moses had such an intimate relationship with God that they had conversations. Like when I sit down with my wife at the end of the day and we talk about all that has happened. Like when I call my parents or a friend to catch up. Real conversation.

God communicated with Moses in a profound way.

I long for that kind of communication with God. Where I can hear and discern his voice in the midst of all the static in life.  Where I can sense his leading and direction in my life.

The truth is, God is always ready and willing to communicate with us. He is always speaking. Are we listening?

So, how do you prepare yourself to hear God’s voice in everyday situations?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


One thought on “Face to Face

  1. Great question…..I personally communicate with God through daily prayer…reading and meditating on his word, and spiritual discernment. I have never heard an audible voice as I communicate with my heavenly father. But I have prayed diligently about things and at times it seems as if he puts his hand over my mouth as if to say…shhh…I have taken care of it……no need to pray about that anymore. I know faith is the key…through faith we pray knowing God is faithful and just to answer our prayers.


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